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Welcome to the home of Frank & Kraft, Attorneys at Law in Indianapolis, IN. Our mission is to help families with Estate Planning for a sound future for themselves and their heirs – and we do so in a friendly, helpful, no-pressure environment.

Estate Planning is Something to Learn About Today, So You Can Make the Right Choices for Tomorrow

Some people think that Estate Planning is complicated, and some people simply put off Estate Planning until their later years or in anticipation for medical problems associated with age. But the time to learn about – and act on – your Estate Plan is now. Frank & Kraft is here to help you, so you can learn about your options, and make Estate Planning simpler than you think.

Planning for Your Family’s Future is Important

You want the best for your family and loved ones, both now and later. With the proper Estate Plan in place, created with the help of our Estate Planning attorneys, you’ll feel better knowing that your wishes for your heirs and loved ones will be carried out.

Estate Planning: More Than a Will

Most feel that a Will is sufficient enough, and some people draft a Will on their own. A Will is not enough to keep your estate from Probate, meaning that a court is involved in settling of your estate. While a Will can be part of an Estate Plan, Estate Planning often includes other legal documents and tools that are created to better protect your assets (and their distribution), keep your assets out of the courts, reduce your taxes, and allow for very specific distributions for individual heirs and loved ones.

Eliminating Uncertainties With Estate Planning

A properly-created estate plan typically helps to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of your estate and maximize the value of your estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. An estate plan, which includes legal planning tools such as a Will, living trust, Powers of Attorneys, will ensure that people you trust will act on your behalf to disburse your assets per your wishes. An estate plan can also specify arrangements for the care of dependants, loved ones, those with disabilities – even specify wishes for charitable contributions.

We’ll Help You Choose the Legal Tools that are Right for You

Here at Frank & Kraft, Attorneys at Law in Indianapolis, we’ll make sure that the right legal documents are in place for you. No two families or individual circumstances are alike, and therefore we don’t use “templates” to draft your estate plan. We listen to you and understand your wishes; we guide you with professional legal advice for an Estate Plan right for you; then we create the legal documents that are best for your circumstance.

Tools, Legal Documents and Services That You Have Access to at Frank & Kraft, Indianapolis

Providing for the future of your loved ones should include an estate plan, and a comprehensive Estate Plan includes services and tools that we provide that can help you also – for the immediate future and beyond.

For example:

We’ll Help You Learn, Plan and Grow – So Act Today

At Frank & Kraft, Attorneys at Law in Indianapolis, we’ll help you with all aspects of your estate planning as well as other important planning to help you prepare for the future.

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